Jupiter – Chava Gabrielle


How Do I Sleep?

Do I snore in my sleep,
disturb you from yours
just so you can listen
what ugly sound I make?

Do I kick in my sleep,
wrap my leg on yours,
just so you can weigh
how heavy I’ve become?

Do I talk in my sleep,
unconsciously grumble,
just so you can note
what odd stuffs I say?

Do I flail in my sleep,
swing my arms over you,
just so you can feel
how I’ve longed for this?

Tell me how do I sleep

Short #211

I fear heights.


I was just plain conservative, too cautious even, that I would never get the courage to hop on a carnival ride. Then there was the Ferris wheel. I’ve been to one and always I could recall how stiff I was.

You just bought two tickets. I guess there’s no backing out. With paranoia running through my head I must keep calm. I could at least try not to ruin the night.

The car started rolling up as inhibitions crept from my feet. Counting the turns wasn’t helpful – it just made each cycle longer. Until you stole my focus. A glance at you made everything worthwhile. You could have been smiling as I was concealing my fear. I was smiling as I see you have accepted my weakness.

That, in a sense, told me you could be there at every points in my life: the highs and the lows. A metaphor to where we are. A couple more turns and irons screeched and the door have opened.

I still fear heights.
But you know me better.